Hey guys! Long time no post Eyy?  Honestly blogging is hard work and and creating content is really tasking .. But I'm happy I get to do this, sorry for the long break. Good news? I'm back now and I'm working on something magical so anticipate!!
Out fit of the day: 
Today's look was a casual high slit shirt  with ripped denim and sneakers
I was out with my best girl and the weather was something else ( this scorching sun is too real!!)
I went for a casual look because I just couldn't be bothered to dress up. Besides , the occasion wasn't a serious one.
I like how the high slit blends with the ripped jeans and my face cap just makes me feel like some 'bad guy'. I complemented this look with the sneakers which I think went perfect with it. The sneakers can be switched up for sandals.

Out fit details; 
Shirt: mom
Jeans: forever 21
Face cap: gifted 
Style tip: your background can either accentuate your outfit or make it look bad so a nice back ground is key and if you can't seem to find one, plain background can be created with a bed sheet ( the struggle is real LOL). 
Till next post guys! 


Redefinition fashion week

Hi guys! Long time no post.. This was meant to come up earlier, ( I know, I know .. I'm tired of stalling too) 

So in this post I'm doing a detailed description of the inspiration behind our 'VOURDI X SONIA JERRY ' collection and I'll love for you guys to learn a thing or two from this post too.

The name of the theme was 'urban twist' 
So we got inspiration from origami and tried to get creative by making our own urban and adding a twist to it. 
 A lot of thought was put into it as we considered not only everyday wear but haute couture too as we carefully decided to cut across all wears ( sports wear excluded)
It was important to us that everything was detailed , we certainly didn't want this to look tailor made as I have noticed that this becoming a popular trend ( where 'fashion designers' make regular stuff a tailor can do and sell it at ridiculous prices) .
Finally we mixed a lot of colors which is a really big deal to me guys ( you know this !!) and it came out well.

The gold top with cage sleeves and cut out skirt

The origami top and skirt made from straw board .

 As symmetrical transparent skirt, off shoulder top and bag.

Cold shoulder gown with bell bottoms 


 Assymetrical leather top high waist pants and doll bag.
Transparent ball dress

I'm sorry I can't show you guys the whole collection because these were the only pictures I could get.

I'm not feeling the excitement or vibe anymore because this happened a few weeks ago but I just want to say this:

I'm so proud of myself and I'm  writing it here to you guys, if you can dream it, you can do it.. Nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it and work hard for it.
This fashion show made me cross boundaries I never thought I could reach, so to anyone out there wanting to start something but not knowing how to..like Nike says .JUST DO IT!!

I really hope you loved my collection , VOURDI will be making waves soon guys!!

Till next post! Have a lovely week ahead.

Currently I am

Hey guys! Happy new month!
You lived to see the beginning of this month and that's great news.I'm also really excited because apart from Valentine's Day I'll be participating in my first ever fashion show as a DESIGNER!!( I put them in bold letters just to show you guys how excited I am) 

I really can't wait  and be sure to watch this space for the collection when it comes out.

I  promised  I'll be doing a Currently I am tag because I love you guys and I appreciate the fact that you want to keep up with me.
So.. Here it goes!

Currently i am:
 This off shoulder shirt I made a while ago with white skinny jeans and heels

Listening to:
Mad over you and party on repeat

Redefinition fashion week

Excited about

All the new opportunities I've been getting this year

Loving :

The new collection from ashi studios ( this couture house gets to me)

Thankful for: my friends and family that support me every day, they're the reason I haven't given up yet.

Loathing: the amount of heat in my school, it drives me crazy

lusting after: 
These knuckle rings by indigo lune , I really need to get me one of these or you could send it to me for Valentine's Day yeah?

Wishing that: I had more time to do my creative work, I really need a lot more time to put all these ideas coming to my head in black and white 

Irritated by : 
The fact that Nigerians don't see fashion design as a profession, also the fact that Nigerians think that a fashion designer is the same person as a tailor

So that's just about it! I hope you liked it. Also? What have you been doing lately ? I'll love to know below
   Have an amazing week!
   With fleek, VOURDI x

Lady in pink

 Hey guys! Happy new year!!!
How have  you guys been? I feel so terrible that I keep disappearing from this blog because I really love this space ( you know,like how you love a teeny little growing baby ) 
But I'll try to keep it regular and keep the post coming . I'll also start a 'currently I am ' on this space so you get to keep up with me. 
Yeah , remember the time when I was feeling really down? So I got a real pep talk from my uncle and I realized that I probably shouldn't be so hard on myself , good things take time and when they finally come, they last long.
I'm really done trying to keep up New Years revolution because I always have a lot to tick off at the end of the year and I end up feeling bad. So all I want to be this year is  a better version of myself in all aspects of my life, that's good enough for me.

Now to the outfit :
 Anyone , i mean ANYONE who knows me know I don't go well with pink ( I guess it stems from stereotype of girls and pink and I really hate stereotypes). So pink is a blehh for me. 
I wasn't to excited about this gown at first but contemplating the fact that I was growing out of my other gowns and the gathers at the waist was kinda attractive , I coveted it from my sister.

 I'm all about minimalist so a laid back hair and minimal accesories were a go-to for me and this choice was also because I was going for a 'lunch date' look. Paired with my staple black strapped heels, I was good to go!
I'm really thinking I should call it quits with the minimalist look and just go for bold colors this year or maybe I'll just ease into it .
Outfit details:
Dress: sister 
Accesories : forever 21

I'm really just excited for the year and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me!

How's this year going so far ? Would you wear this to a lunch date or nah?
I'll really love to hear from you guys !
         Have an amazing week!
        With fleek,  VOURDI.x

Back to blogging!

Hey guys! I promised I'll be back to blogging second week so here I am ( sorry I'm a bit late)
A lot of stuff has just been going on in my life and I had a few things to sort out too.

Now to today's post..

 You see that wide grin on my face? That was for  two reasons 
1. The year is coming to an end and though I've had a lot of disappointments and even more items to tick off my to do list, GOD  has been indeed faithful, in my life greatly. 

2. That was the last week of exams, truth be told I actually like school but four months without seeing my family and exams stress was beginning to take a toll on me and I needed a break so I was more than excited.

This was my fit to the thanksgiving Sunday:
I always put my comfort first  plus I go to a school where conservative dressings are highly prioritized so I thought .. What other way to add comfort and style and still look decently dressed?
 Voila! This gown came to be.. Thought it was a last minute descition, I still pulled it off pretty good.
I put on my black heels , minimal accessories as usual and I was good to go.
Outfit details: 
Gown:mum's tailor 

How have you guys been lately? Have you been able to let off the steam from work or school? I'll love to know how that worked for you ..
                    Till next week!
                    Love, VOURDI.

Blogging break!

 Hey guys! How have y'all been? I've been so busy with school test and all (tryna get 'em grades  yeah!) but I still have to write because I love and appreciate you guys (my readers).
Reason for the break? EXAMS!!  
I've got exams in two weeks and since I'm a student before a blogger, I have to set my priorities straight. 
Can't wait to  resume blogging second week of December yo! 

Now to the outfit:
Let's begin by saying : this top was Hand 
made by me!! (Lol yes I'm talented like that!)
I promise you this wasn't what I had in mind when I cut up my dad's shirt but I still like the way it turned out.
Since I was going for a very casual look , I paired this with casual skinny jeans and flat shoes. With my shot of confidence added, I was good to go! 
 Out fit details:
Shirt:hand made
Jeans:forever 21
Shoes: forever 21
What's your take on my outfit guys? Yay or nah?

Can't wait to see you guys in December! 
Have a lovely week ahead !



Hey guys! How have you all been? Chasing your dreams and stuff? I really hope so! 
So recently I was really feeling down and upset, as much as I love blogging I was hoping people would begin to notice my work too.

So for anyone feeling down this is for you:
Whether you're a creative or not, an entrepreneur or not whatever you are there's going to be a point where you'll feel like stopping, people are going to frustrate you, you'll probably shed more tears than you' can remember, a lot of rejections are going to come but I want you to remember this:if you keep yourself focused on the the bigger picture, all this is going to be part of your success story. 
You're going to look back at all this  and laugh some day
It's darkest before the dawn and finally;
You can never truly laugh until you've truly cried so don't be discouraged and don't get distracted looking at people doing what you love, your dawn is coming!

Now to the style post:
Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to be comfortable in anything I wear, comfort over style any day but I'll rather have both!
 This jumpsuit that I added the "off-shoulder" vibe to is as comfortable as anything , I love the detailed brooch in the middle and the pallazo part of the bottoms are perfect for the classy look I was going for
The white shoe which is a perfect contrast to the white is a perfect match, going hand in hand with the jumpsuit for a complete  look of " chic yet effortless".
As usual, I went for minimal accessories to complete this look.  My tied up hair was for the minimalist look.

So tell me guys? Has anyone else been feeling down this week? What did you do to feel  better? Also. What's your take on my outfit.. Yay or nah? I'll love to hear form you!

Have an amazing week!